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    Careers & Volunteering

    Will you join us? ARC teams are reimagining humanitarianism for the 21st Century. We are on a mission to transform our work to be more human, impactful, relevant and authentic. The world’s problems are tougher than ever, but we also see an unprecedented opportunity to bring a world full of amazing people together to work on these hard challenges.
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    Let’s Do Something

    ARC often hosts events and opportunities open to the public, and we speak to community groups all the time. We also love new ideas and the chance to work with new people and groups to make change in the world. You can find ways to get to know us and get involved or reach out to an ARC team member to simply ask a question or inquire about how we might work together.
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    Many Ways to Give

    We believe that giving is an incredibly personal experience – and that’s why people choose to give in so many different ways. But deciding how to give can also be an overwhelming experience. We’ve compiled some of the most common ways that people choose to support refugees and the American Refugee Committee. Please use the information provided as a guide but know that at the American Refugee Committee we remain open to new and different ways of giving.
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    Supporting security through a stable income

    Day 20

    Tailor Made

    Food insecurity doesn’t have to do solely with the food itself — sometimes, it’s caused by an unstable income. On our journey to promote stability, our next stop was to a collective of tailors to see what we could do to support them.

    Using goats to promote food security and women’s cooperatives

    Day 19

    We’ve Goat Your Back

    Food security is an everyday problem for millions of people in the world. We're tackling the issue in a remote community in Rubondo — an already secluded area of the Nakivale Refugee Settlement of Uganda. Here, we could focus directly on agriculture and livelihoods by meeting people where they are.

    Designing the children’s area with safety and creativity in mind

    Day 18

    Stay Playful

    The children’s play area at the shelter is so important. Even where space is limited, kids need room to just be kids, especially after experiencing the trauma of being uprooted from what’s familiar. They need a safe place to be distracted, to be entertained, and to use their imagination in a joyful outlet, especially while their parents and guardians focus on difficult adult matters.

    Celebrating with friends on a feast day

    Day 17

    Getting Festive

    When we realized the feast day of the Virgin de Guadalupe was fast approaching, we wondered if folks at the shelter had plans to celebrate. The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a major holiday in Mexico, and many people at the shelter would ordinarily be taking the day off to spend time with their families.

    Changemakers 365

    by American Refugee Committee


    The world’s tough problems can seem insurmountable. So at ARC, while we tackle those big problems we also do what’s doable. Right then. And that’s what Changemakers 365 is all about. Learn more!


    Changemakers 365 members give either $30 per month or a one-time gift of $365 (it’s free for anyone who has ever lived in a refugee camp). Join us!

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