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    ARC often hosts events and opportunities open to the public, and we speak to community groups all the time. We also love new ideas and the chance to work with new people and groups to make change in the world. You can find ways to get to know us and get involved or reach out to an ARC team member to simply ask a question or inquire about how we might work together.
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    We believe that giving is an incredibly personal experience – and that’s why people choose to give in so many different ways. But deciding how to give can also be an overwhelming experience. We’ve compiled some of the most common ways that people choose to support refugees and the American Refugee Committee. Please use the information provided as a guide but know that at the American Refugee Committee we remain open to new and different ways of giving.
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    A makeover for Kyaka's pool table

    Day 166

    Right on Cue

    Changemakers 365 is all about doing the doable. It’s about opening our eyes to the opportunities to make an impact in a person’s life with relatively few resources – and making change each and every day of the year.

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    In Kyaka

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    At Kyaka Refugee Settlement, the youth center’s pool table is a beloved spot for friends to gather and play. But like anything well loved, over time it begins to break down.

    Looking at the pool table, we knew we had to give it some love…

    We surprised the youth center with a makeover for their table! New felt, brand new cue balls, cue sticks, and more.

    These small changes made a huge difference to how people feel while playing. Before, some of the cue balls were so chipped that they had craters in them. When it rolled the wrong way it could even change the direction of the ball – which is no fun at all!

    Immediately people nearby began smiling and walked up to play. You could feel the shift in energy and an overall excitement in the air.

    It may seem simple, but the pool table in Kyaka is an important part of the community. It brings people together, strengthens friendships, provides an escape to think about something else for a while.

    This quick little fix won’t change everything. But today, it made these young folks smile. And sometimes that’s what it’s all about!

    Changemakers 365

    by American Refugee Committee


    The world’s tough problems can seem insurmountable. So at ARC, while we tackle those big problems we also do what’s doable. Right then. And that’s what Changemakers 365 is all about. Learn more!


    Changemakers 365 members give either $30 per month or a one-time gift of $365 (it’s free for anyone who has ever lived in a refugee camp). Join us!

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